Ultimate Guitar Tabs App Review

ultimate guitar tabs

There’s no substitute for being able to listen to and play a guitar parts in songs without needing to refer to tabs, but not even the best musician in the world can work out some of the more complex melodies. It’s ok if you’re listening to bands like The 1975 and trying to work out the guitar parts; their hit Chocolate is a prime example of a fairly sparsely-layered tune where all guitar parts can be heard and worked out by the more discerning guitarist. This system sort of falls flat when trying to accurately fathom out the guitar parts of The Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater, however, since Petrucci’s solos and generally incredible arpeggios cannot for most simply be played note for note just by listening to it: these kinds of songs sometimes require you to give up and look up the tab online.

While some may Google the song they are looking for, those in the know simply go straight to Ultimate Guitar if they’re sitting at their computer, but what if you’re on the move? You could visit the site in your browser but this isn’t optimal: the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app is on hand to streamline the whole online tablature experience.

Upon opening the app and having a little poke around, the astute individual will soon realise that the function of this app really isn’t far removed from that of the Ultimate Guitar Website. In fact, the database which the app retrieves the tabs from is the very same one as the website. “So why do we need an app then?” I hear many fussy people question furiously. Well, have you tried lugging a computer to band practice? Have you tried to drag your desktop Mac on stage just to retrieve a few chords for a song that you can’t quite remember? You should get my point here, which is that the whole point of this app is portability: portability of a database that is quite frankly astounding in its size and detail.

In fact, the Ultimate Guitar Tabs database is so large that you’d be a bit of an idiot not to take advantage of the app since it is easily navigated and lets you search for tabs or browse them by artist or song name. The key advantage of this app is the way in which the tabs you have pulled up are displayed. I don’t mean the actual tab files themselves here, but  am referring to the fact that like the website, Ultimate Guitar Tabs displays all of the versions it has for the tab you are searching for. Chocolate by the 1975, for example, has several versions, each of which have a user-voted star rating; this allows you to discern which are tabs worth looking at and which you shouldn’t even begin to bother yourself with. Looking for to supplement your AC/DC Live Rock Band performance? Search for your song and simply choose the one with the highest star rating whether it is guitar tabs, guitar chords, or bass. Being able to save your tabs for offline usage is also an incredible feature here, and is one worth purchasing the app for in the first place.

 As with Ultimate Guitar’s other brilliant app, Ultimate Guitar Tools, this app has a sleek design and unlike the fairly oversaturated site is actually extremely fast, professional, and generally designed to give you the most efficient and pleasant tabs-locating experience you can possibly think of. The app also has a metronome and tuner built in to it was well, though an even higher quality set of these as well as a comprehensive chords chart can be found in the aforementioned Ultimate Guitar Tools app. Ultimate Guitar Tabs is more than worth the £2 that one would pay for it however, and though it won’t have you playing at the level of Guitar Hero Van Halen, it gives you the best guitar tabs experience going whilst shrinking it down to sleekly fit your iOS or Android device. Genius. 

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